Craig Andera

8344 Glastonbury Ct.

Annandale, VA 22003

(703) 399-0204


Professional Experience



2003 - present

Wangdera Corporation

Washington, D.C.


Senior Consultant, Vice President





Pluralsight LLC



Instructor in Pluralsight's .NET educational curriculum.




Integic Corporation



Principal architect and developer for .NET implementation of commercial workflow product. Responsible for defining best practices, educating and mentoring developers, and designing and deploying architectural prototypes. Emphasis on application security and scalability.




Microsoft Corporation



Member of core architecture, design and implementation team for the SteelWire project. Project goal is to rebuild publishing infrastructure of the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) one of the largest developer resources on the Internet. Phase one is complete, further phases ongoing. Project makes heavy use of XML technologies and highly-scalable system design principles.



1999 - 2003

Digital Agility Incorporated

Minneapolis, MN


Senior Consultant








Instructor in DevelopMentor's educational curriculum, currently teaching the Essential .NET for C# Programmers and Guerilla.NET classes in locations around North America. Emphasis on design of transactional systems using Microsoft component technologies. Designed and developed sections of the DevelopMentor website using ASP.NET, including security and registration infrastructure.




Target Corporation



Advised on design of a inventory management system. Prototyped a queue-based database synchronization system using SQL Server stored procedures.




Honeywell Corporation



Participated in analysis planning for large-scale facility management portal website. Particularly involved in planning and deploying integrated security system. Performed design review and analysis of large-scale WinDNA-based distributed interior climate-control system.



1995 - 1999

Residential Funding Corporation

Bloomington, MN


Senior Systems Programmer


Lead troubleshooter for mid-tier elements of global, WinDNA-based systems and reviewer of proposed architectures for both internally and externally developed eCommerce applications. Participated in occasional development of core services including a $1M/day loan-processing system.







1991 - 1995

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, MA


BS, MS Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, June 1995. Selected for academic internship program at Loral Infrared & Imaging Systems (LIRIS). Thesis: "Trajectory Estimation of an Optically Radiating Source." Relevant coursework: signal processing, speech recognition, computer programming, and computer systems design. GPA 4.6/5.0.




Speaking Engagements/Publications




Microsoft DevDays Switzerland 2003

Zurich, Switzerland


Featured speaker, "Managed DirectX Programming" and "Multithreaded Programming in the CLR"




WinDEV East Conference 2002

Boston, MA


Session speaker, "Developing Visual Studio.NET-Friendly Components" and "Versioning and Deployment in the CLR".




DotNet PRO Magazine



"Introduction to Managed DirectX with C#" article series.




.NET In Government Conference 2002

Harrisburg, PA


Session speaker, "Code Access Security in .NET"




Microsoft Research Academic Tour 2001-2002



Speaker, two-day .NET seminars for top Computer Science departments across the country. Engagements have included Standford University, MIT, Caneigie-Mellon University, and UC Berkeley.




Web Services Developers Conference 2002

Portland, OR


Session speaker, "Implementing SOAP Endpoints with XSLT"




MSDN Magazine, April 2002



Co-author, "COM+ 1.5: Discover Powerful Low-Level Programming in Windows XP with New COM+ APIs".




Languages and Technologies


Core competencies include most technologies in the Microsoft .NET and WinDNA families: CLR, COM/COM+, MTS, SQL Server, MSMQ, and IIS. Extremely proficient with C# and .NET libraries. Very familiar with ASP.NET, XML technologies including SOAP and XSLT, automated build technologies (NAnt, NUnit, CruiseControl.NET), and C++.