Updated 17-NOV-03

.NET Architecture and Design

Wangdera has extensive experience in the design, architecture, development, and deployment of .NET-based applications. With consultants who have been working with the .NET platform exclusively since early 2001, our experience is literally amongst the most extensive in the industry.

Security Infrastructure Planning

Wangdera consultants can recommend and help implement your application-level security infrastructure. We have extensive experience in authentication, authorization, and cryptographic technologies.

Performance Engineering

Design of highly scalable, highly performant systems is a particular specialty of Wangdera Corporation. Our consultants have advised companies like Microsoft, Target, Honeywell and GMAC-RFC on scalable design and performance engineering. A scalable system design whitepaper written by one of our consultants has been published on the Microsoft MSDN Academic Alliance website.

Application Development

Wangdera consultants have extensive, practical experience developing software using the technologies they advise on. Their work can be found in production systems in use today by Microsoft, DevelopMentor, American Express, GE Capital Fleet, Catalina Marketing, and Integic Corporation.

MicroStrategy Customization & Integration

With over 7 years of MicroStrategy product development and consulting experience, Wangdera is uniquely situated to provide advanced customization and integration of MicroStrategy products into your business processes.

Project Planning and Management

A good leader can make the difference between a successful project and a failure. Wangdera offers comprehensive, skilled, and highly effective project management expertise for your software development efforts.